I would like to block specific apps from making connection to internet. I sometimes am connected by VPN but not always. How can I make firewall work for both VPN and not VPN, wifi and mobile data? My phone has root.

  • Since you have root, you can use AFWall+ which is based on iptables. It doesn't require VPN, so you can use VPN apps freely. Jul 14, 2019 at 17:56

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Android permits only one VPN to be working on the phone and that is the problem since firewalls also usually create a VPN and you are forced to switch off the VPN to make the firewall work.

However, there is a workaround, at least in some cases. I use Adguard which is an Adblocker with an integrated firewall. It creates it's own VPN on the device locally to filter ads. I also use Keep Solid VPN which is set to always use in my settings (Pie) . Adguard has a proxy mode which permits both VPNs to be used and since your device is rooted, it is easier.

However, note :

  • All VPNs may not work in this fashion. Check the Adguard forums.

  • In proxy mode, the efficacy of Adguard firewall is reduced but in my case I have no problems in blocking internet access to apps.

  • If I want only the Firewall functions but not Keep Solid VPN, I simply disconnect it from the notification panel.

To sum up, it's possible but you need to invest time in checking and ensuring both work.

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