I have a Galaxy Note 9 where I usually have music playing in Amazon Music Player in the background while I play games. In the old version of the OS (Samsung's version Android 8.1) when I am playing a game and an advert starts, it would pause the music, but I could just slide down the notification area and unpause it. Since the recent upgrade to Android 9 (again Samsung's version which it automatically upgraded to), I have to wait until the advert has finished before I can unpause the music. This is ultra annoying!

I don't mind the advert, or even the advert playing its sounds while the music is in the background, but completely taking over the sound like this just wrong!

So is there a setting or app-permission or anything I can change to disable ads from stealing exclusive access to the audio?

  • Are you against using a third-party apps to disable ads, such as through an ad-blocker? – Firelord Mar 2 at 23:31
  • If it comes to that, then I don't mind installing them. – Iyaam Iyaam Mar 2 at 23:35

If adblock is an option, I highly recommend Blokada. It is a local VPN that uses host files to block ads and can work without root. More info here. (I am not affiliated with it). It sounds easiest just to block the ads

However, there is no way to keep an app from stealing audio focus that I am aware of.

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