I have a Nokia 8 Sirocco with Android 9 (kernel version 4.4.153-perf+ #1). Since a few weeks ago I noticed that the phone seems to be unable to get its non-GPS based location - e.g. via WiFi locations or cell tower triangulation.

The symptoms are:

  • Google Location history is less accurate.
  • My shared location only updates for the other persons whenever an app uses GPs (and there is a GPS signal).
  • I keep seeing an "Updating your shared location" notification.
  • Apps that rely on location services take longer to boot up or be responsive.
  • Apps that rely on location services do not work at all without an available GPS signal.
  • Location based Smart unlock is not working.
  • Location based reminders are not working.

I have checked the following settings under Security & Location » Privacy » Location:

  • Under Google Location Accuracy the Improve Location Accuracy is On.
  • Under App-level permissions all relevant apps have permission to access the device's location.
  • Under Scanning both Wi-Fi scanning and Bluetooth scanning are On.

Is there anything more I could do to get this working properly again?

  • Wild shot- try disabling location accuracy, reboot, enable and check – beeshyams Mar 3 at 10:04
  • @beeshyams while this seems to have worked initially for a while - the behaviour is now back again unfortunately. This makes me conclude that either a) there is a bug within Android 9 or b) there is a bug that occurs with Android 9 only on the Nokia 8 Sirocco or c) something is wrong with the phone itself. – fritzmg Mar 20 at 9:13

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