My device is running on Android Oreo, and I have study notes as a PDF file on Google Drive (link to the file for testing), but I can't open it on Google Drive app.

My file is not opening and it's saying "No connection" even though I've got an awesome connection. I don't know why it's not syncing my file.

'No connection' is shown even though there's a transfer speed of 257KB/s shown on the notification status

I've even cleared cache, refreshed my Google Drive, and also rebooted my phone.

How to fix this issue so that I can open my PDF file from Google Drive app?


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It looks like a bug with Google Drive. I had the same problem in opening the link


I pasted the link in Chrome and it opened! You should report the bug, also in Playstore


(Click to enlarge)

To download the file, open Chrome in desktop mode and click the 🖨 option (print).


What I do, because I have the same issue, I use Open With option works like a charm. I use the Google PDF Viewer

  • Oh, lol, but at that time I've got no other option s other than this Commented Sep 15, 2019 at 18:40

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