I am new to this android rooting. I'd like to install custom ROM in an old Xperia SL. The bootloader had been unlocked successfully, and preferred next step is to install TWRP, then install custom ROM and supersu from TWRP.

The device has ro.secure=1 and no access to root. Does it need an insecure kernel to flash TWRP into recovery using fastboot? Or will flashing TWRP overwrite ro.secure and allow root access?

  • Recovery is mostly independent from the "standard system". I've never needed to flash a special kernel when I installed TWRP. Just follow the instructions they gave at the download page. And keep in mind that, if your device runs Android 7 or higher, it will most likely complain that you've replaced recovery. A custom ROM (or flashing Magisk) solves that. – Izzy Mar 4 at 0:38
  • Just to make sure I understand what you meant. TWRP can be flashed and used for flashing custom ROM as long as the phone has unlocked bootloader. Is this correct? – Sean Lee Mar 4 at 2:28
  • You probably definitely need an unlocked bootloader or hack that works around it - there's at least one device that TWRP has been installable to with a locked bootloader. But if it's unlocked and TWRP is available for that device then you just follow the instructions given with TWRP. You need not be concerned with anything else if TWRP and instructions are confirmed working for that exact device. If they are not confirmed working then it may not work. – CmosBattery Mar 4 at 3:28
  • 1
    @SeanLee that's correct – on the condition you have a compatible TWRP image for the device, of course. – Izzy Mar 4 at 19:50

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