OK so here goes this question again.

I need to be able to remotely control my Android (reboot, change settings, control the apps, view screen) over the mobile network connection. Not USB, not WiFi, but mobile. Another requirement is Not to root the device (although I might consider it if all else fails completely.)

The device I'd like to control remotely is an old Samsung Galaxy J1 mini/SM-J105H, Android 5.1.1. Usage: it creates a WiFi point for the local IoT devices around it in the remote location. It also frequently stops working as a WiFi access point, but its mobile connection is solid - so if I remotely log in and control it, I can rectify this situation relatively painlessly.

The controller should be either a PC or another Android phone, PC perhaps preferred.

So far I didn't find a working solution, please help with your suggestions.

What I already tried:

  • TeamViewer Host (90% UNreliable, just won't start host remotely on the remote Android. Does the job when it works, but almost never works, sadly. This also matches other users' comments on TeamHost app on the Google Play market.)

Researched this site and found the following recommendations:

  • MyMobiler.com - the site seems down
  • Droid VNC - unclear if it works over the mobile network, all the talk is about Wifi or USB, and seems it does require rooting
  • Bot Maker for Android - unsure of the features but it does require rooting

...but I'd rather not root my phone.

UPDATE: AirDroid seems to be decent, but without rooting the phone the app maker says it won't work after the phone's restart. Which is a bummer: sometimes I will need to remotely restart the phone, too - in which case I'll lose access to it until such time the phone gets connected to PC for the non-root solution. Bummer. So the original question remains.

Please suggest the solution that would work, in your experience. Thanks.

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