I have a dual SIM Nokia 5 and guess what, this phone does not have the option to view SIM contacts. I am not willing to start using Google to manage my phone numbers too.

Is there any option to get the contacts menu and the phone app to start showing SIM contacts too? Right now, I can't even see any options for it. If the answer is no, I'm taking this phone back cause this is frankly unbelievable.

  • It might be possible that the built-in apps on Nokia 5 don't support importing/accessing SIM contacts. From How can I manage contacts on my SIM card with an Android phone?, looks like not all built-in apps support this feature. – Andrew T. Mar 4 at 17:01
  • Wow, this problem isn't old at all. From what I now understand, some versions of Android and some phones simply no longer support sim card contacts, only allowing you to read them to copy them over to a google based app, which is not going to happen. Getting myself another phone then, going to directly ask for one which does not have that problem. – Peter Mar 4 at 17:32

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