I'm trying to run a little python code that check some files in my phone's /proc/pid

the thing is the program won't run properly because /proc is read only. Because I know proc has a special filesystem I want to know if there is a way to remount it as writeable without screwing up the system

  • Will adb shell cat /proc/whatever... adb shell first, might give you shell access to the file. – Gadget Guru Mar 6 '19 at 9:19

/proc is a pseudo-filesystem supplied by the Linux kernel, so as to provide an interface to applications to learn about system runtime information (running processes, mounts, memory, etc.). Therefore there's no way to "mount" it as R/W since that's meaningless.

Some entry points (NOT files), however, are writable by themselves, for example most entries under /proc/sys. Do note that by writing to these entries you're not writing any files, but actually changing system parameters.

If your program is trying to write to another non-writable entry in /proc, it's probably malformed and should be tweaked. Again, /proc is not a real filesystem and everything inside are interfaces from the Linux kernel.

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