I came to know that there is a lock icon on every app in the recent apps list in the overview in android that allows us to pin some apps to the list.

I am using Android 7.0 , but I am not getting any such icon there. See this screenshot : enter image description here

Is there any hidden setting in Android by which this functionality can be enabled ?

  • I think you haven't understood my question properly. My question is how to enable that feature, because the lock icon is not there on any of the apps (see the above screenshot). – Puspam Mar 7 at 10:43
  • Did you mean screen pinning? Open Settings-> Security & location->Screen pinning. Enable it. Also, enable 'ask for pattern before unpinning'. These settings are from android 9.0. And, for 7.0 you can search for screen pinning from search option top-right of settings page. – Rahul Gopi Mar 7 at 11:41
  • @RahulGopi no, this is not about screen pinning. Now I don't remember if I had this feature on stock Nexus 5 (perhaps not because it's too old), but per-app lock is there on the "recent apps" when I started using Lineage OS. – Andrew T. Mar 7 at 12:42

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