I live in Kerala. On my phone (nearby locality), it is showing wrong GPS locations. It shows like now, Madhupura locations as current location. It's not a device-dependent problem. On other phones the same problem also exists. What can I do to correct this? Please note it happens only when GPS is not locked. After locking, everything works fine.

  • What is "gps locking"? Which app does show you wrong location? – Άνδρας Mar 9 at 8:26
  • The location before at least ~4 to 5 satellites are "locked" (see e.g. in GPSStatus app) is not the GPS but the mobile network correlation based on signal strength. Depending of the cell size and the number of cells near by such a position can be wrong multiple kilometers. – Robert Mar 9 at 11:58
  • I am getting error of 1000s of kilometres. Kerala and Lucknow. However the problem comes from Android itself because sometimes I get notifications from Google maps and Facebook(Tell us about new city). – Manu M. Mar 10 at 13:22

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