I am absolutely 100% new to Tasker. I have bought and installed this app to automate a few things which IFTTT simply can't.

Here is the situation:

My bedroom is in a basement apartment and so I do not get good cell service reception at all while I'm down there, and since it doubles as my office space (on days I work from home) and my gaming area, I tend to spend a decent amount of my time in my room. This being said, I have an LG V30 ThinQ with Android 8.x Oreo and my current service provider offers a Wi-Fi Calling service. Naturally, I turned it on, and bingo... calls are now crisp and text messages sent without a hitch. Well... that's at home at least.

However, at my work, the opposite is true: The Wi-Fi is bad, but the cell service reception is always super strong. Yes, my phone does have a setting to use Wi-Fi calling as a second priority to my cell service (meaning that it will use my cell service before using the Wi-Fi Calling) but instead of switching intelligently based on the strength of the cell service reception strength, it only switches to Wi-Fi Calling once I stop having cell service reception period. Which doesn't work well in the basement, since sometimes I get just enough signal to toggle it back to the bad cell service for calling.

So, I would like to create a task with Tasker that, once connected to/disconnected from my home network, would allow either the Wi-Fi Calling to be toggled; or for the airplane mode to be toggled. That way, as long as I'm connected to my home network, my phone will be using the Wi-Fi calling capabilities, without having to toggle them on and off again manually.

The problem is since I'm new to this, I don't know the first thing about programming a task in this version of Tasker. All tutorials I came across were very little help.

Could somebody work me through setting up something along those lines?

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Create a profile "Home" with state "Wi-Fi Connected" and SSID set to your home Wi-Fi network name.

On the profile create a task that

  1. Turns on Airplane Mode
  2. turns on Wi-Fi

This will be triggered when connected to your home network.

On the same profile create an exit task that

  1. Turns off Airplane Mode

This will be triggered when disconnected to your home network.

Finally set your Wi-Fi Calling preference to "Cellular Network Preferred" (or whatever it is on your phone).

  • The task action that turns on Airplane mode, when run by itself, gives an error message and it is unclear how to give Tasker adequate permission to change Airplane mode. May 4, 2022 at 20:22

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