I have 13 old galaxy tablets running android 3.0 that i would like to run cyanogen on. All google links are dead. they are SCH-i800 and i wouldn't bother but something has happened to play store so that it's not loading on all but one of the tablets. It gives a weird redirect to a web browser page. Also i was considering using them as wall remotes for home automation but the app i want to use requires at least android 4.2.

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From the source listed below, there were backups made at archive.com of snapshots and nightly builds of CyanogenMod. There are many models, but I am not sure about yours.

Snapshots: https://archive.org/details/cmarchive_snapshots OR https://archive.org/download/cmarchive_nighlies

Nightlies: https://archive.org/details/cmarchive_nighlies OR https://archive.org/download/cmarchive_nighlies

Source: Complete CM Snapshots and Nightlies archive (xpost from /r/android)

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