On previous versions of Samsung Galaxy phones I've owned, I had the option to enable/disable icon frames around the apps on my home screen. This setting could be found by navigating to Settings > Display > Home Screen > Icon Badges.

After digging around the settings of my Galaxy S10+, I have not been able to find such a feature. Has this setting been removed with the launch of The S10 and One UI?

Below is a screenshot of the setting I'm referring to from my Galaxy Note 8:


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This seems to be a setting that started in Oreo related to Adaptive Icons. You now need specific themes to remove the border.

Per the following link:

If you don't want borders, go to settings>wallpaper and themes>icons>download and find an icon pack with no borders.



I read from many posts that the option shown above has been removed. Only solution I found is to download an icons set that was made without frames feature. I am using one called Zero made by MINU after seeing its link in another post about the same issue on this website.

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