I am constantly getting a notification about every 1 or 5 minutes since I had updated the Google Play Services app. It's a very strange type of notification. It says "Google Play Services won't run unless you update Google Play Services". See the screenshot below : enter image description here

What is the cause of this problem and how to fix it ?


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I have solved the problem myself, like this :
Previously, I had updated Google Play Services from an APK file. So, this time, instead of updating Google Play Services from an APK file, I had updated it from the Play Store, and the notification went away.
So, for some reason, updating the app from an APK file was causing the problem.

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    That's very much usual. Some system apps if updated from external apks, then show problems. Mar 28, 2019 at 4:57

OK, I have a different solution. Find the the correct version for your phone, Google the APK, download it and install using APK handler. Fixed the problem.

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