I used to have a notification whenever the external SD card was in the tablet. Recently that notification has disappeared. How can I get this notification back.

I like this notification since I am able to eject the card from it without needing to go thru the settings menu to get to it.

What is interesting is that when I insert a different card the notification is back. I only am missing it for the original card. Last time I had this problem I factory reset my tablet. I would rather not have to do this again.

I searched for a solution but only found solutions to get rid of the notification, not the opposite. I tried to reboot my device but that didn't help.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Change the volume serial number of the sd card.

There might be various ways to do it, this one worked for me when I had the same problem after touching "clear all" when displaying notifications.

Mount the SD card on a windows PC.

Note the drive letter of the sd card by opening a windows explorer window. For example let's say it was mounted as E:

In a command prompt window type the following command to find out the current volume id of the sd card, assuming the SD card is E: drive.

vol E: 

It should give you a number like 1234-5678

Download the Microsoft utility "volumeid" from this link at Microsoft:

Follow the instructions at the link for using the utility and give the SD card a new volume id.

Make sure you use the right drive letter, the drive letter of the SD card. You don't want to change your hard disk by mistake.

In a command prompt window, the syntax is:

volumeid E: 1234-5679

This will change the volume id of E: drive to 1234-5679

When you put the SD card back in you android device the device will think it's a different card and show the sd card mounted notification.

  • Great answer. Is there any way to do this in Linux? I don't always have access to a windows PC.
    – Sruly
    Commented Mar 15, 2019 at 0:32

To add to @Morris's answer a way to do it in Linux (or on the Android device itself using Termux)

Run sudo blkid to find which device is the sd card. (On my device it was /dev/block/mmcblk1p1)

Now run sudo mlabel -i REPLACE-WITH-YOUR-SD-CARD-DEVICE -n (-n generates a random Serial Number you can use -N xxxxxxxx where you replace the x's with hex digits for the serial number you want see the man pages for mlabel).

The idea of using blkid and mlabel I took form Here! See JonathanS answer. and the exact way of writing the mlabel command to use the undocumented -i option I took from Here!

[I ran these commands on the tablet using termux and instead of sudo I ran it as superuser doing tsu -p and then eliminating the sudo part of the commands. I also needed to downgrade my libandroid-support.so library for it to work. I found that just doing tsudo (termux's version of sudo) gave me a large number of devices when I ran blkid and it was hard to figure out which one was the sd card.]


Another great solution, but your device must be rooted to be able to use this option (ASFAIK).

Use the sm tool sm forget [UUID | all] This makes the device forget the storage device with the given UUID or if you do all it forgets all the devices.

If your using Termux terminal emulator (as I am) you need to do tsu -p in order to be able to use the sm tool. If not you get an error. Basically what you need is for the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point first to the android library path and -p prepends those paths BEFORE the termux library path.

I didn't try this in any other shell or terminal, but I'm assuming it should work there as well.

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