The power button on my Samsung galaxy 2 has stopped functioning and now I am afraid of letting it die, as I would not be able to turn it on again. So I was wondering if I could maybe force it to power on when charging or something… I feel dumb but I really hope it is possible and maybe someone could teach me how because I can't replace it. If I need to root the device also, how can I do that without spending anything? I don't have a card.

  • Setting fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0 is the genuine way if available on your device. Else there are different workarounds for different OEMs. Mostly deleting or replacing with a script some charger related binary works. So you might need to edit you /system partition (to edit/delete something like /system/bin/*charge*) or initramfs (to edit/delete something like /sbin/*charge*). Modifying init.*.rc files to trigger something like setprop sys.boot_from_charger_mode 1 under on charger might also work. But all of these workarounds aren't universally applicable to every device. – Irfan Latif Mar 14 at 11:51
  • Related: Auto boot when wall charger is plugged – Irfan Latif Mar 14 at 11:53
  • You can also try pressing Vol- or Vol+ down button (whatever works for you) when charger is inserted to boot in recovery mode. Form there you can boot to system. – Irfan Latif Mar 14 at 11:58

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