I've search the internet far and wide for this issue but didn't seem to have success so far. What I am experiencing:

I've set up the following environment:

  1. Android Studio
  2. Android Emulator using API 28
  3. My OS is MacOS 10.14.3
  4. Using it to build a React Native app

At the beginning I didn't have any internet, so I've added DNS of and to my System Preferences / Network / DNS. Also I start my avd and tell it to use those dns settings.

After I start my OS fresh and load up the avd I do have internet, loading pages via the Chrome browser. After a little while, though, maybe a minute or two the internet is dropping. Device shows I'm connected to Wi-Fi but no internet. Also Chrome stops loading pages.

Did someone experience the same problem? I've looked through logs and ran avd with -verbose option but nothing legitimate shows up.

What I'm suspecting:

  • Either the number of internet connections is maxed out (read of such a bug somewhere)
  • or file descriptors of the MacOS are maxed out

Nevertheless I don't know how to find out which is it, or how to fix it.

I'd be very happy if someone might be able to help.

Thanks in advance.

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