During the test bypass-frp, it shows the error:

Adb server $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS not set. error: Device unauthorized 

How to resolve it?


You can take care of this type of error just follow the below steps Steps are

  1. Make sure your Phone is Charge
  2. From home screen connect your android phone to WIFI or hotspot.
  3. Go back to Home or welcome screen and tap Vision settings.
  4. From settings deactivate talkback.
  5. Still in TalkBack setting scroll down to enter help & feedback.
  6. Frome chrome type this to dowmload keypad activator app here zamdtek.com.
  7. Enter ##372733code## on the keypad and select Receiver Test.
  8. Collect the phone to PC and
  9. Click the Download file.
  10. Open the file click BYPASS.exe
  11. Look at screen to OK USB Debugging. 12 Restarts your android phone, gsm origin and you are done.

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