Up until Android 8.0 / Oreo (haven't got chance to test this issue under 9.0 / Pie) there is no Polish layout for physical USB keyboard and writing Polish national letter (i.e. using Right Alt key) is not possible in Android with physical keyboard connected through USB and micro USB OTG cable.

Is there anything I can do to resolve this problem? Some option for installing missing layouts?

Supporting, OT and philosophic question: Is this some kind of political isolation of my country by Google / Android developers or an ostracism? I have carefully checked that there are keyboard layouts for each and every neighboring country that surrounds Poland -- i.e. German, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian. But there is no for Poland.


i set my English UK keyboard to polish and Ukrainian layouts i was able to get Ukrainian input working by following this cannot change languange on external keyboard

but i could only get a few polish letters to work can you type in your native language with the on screen keyboard?

try going to settings and search for languages press languages and input press add language and your language should be there then try the keyboard again

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  • I think we don't understand each other. How could you set your keyboard "to Polish and Ukrainian layouts", if I clearly said that there is no Polish keyboard layout in Android 8.0 Oreo? Please, provide more details. – trejder 14 hours ago
  • i tested it on my phone runing android 9.0 pie first and i just tested it in a android 8.0 oreo vm i set the languange to polish and unfortunately i can't get it work in oreo there is not that many keyboard layouts in android yet but motorola are going to release pie for your phone so that may help you in the future support.motorola.com/us/en/products/cell-phones/moto-z-family/… – qblueRed42 9 hours ago

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