I want to change a few particular icons without giving up the look of the EMUI.

I tried IconChanger, but it leaves a water mark on the new icon. I also tried NovaLauncher; however, it doesn't support font customization and I'm not a fan of the elongated font it uses.

Is there a way to change the icon files manually? Is there a launcher that will enable icon changes without changing other aspects of the GUI? Just to be clear I'm not looking for an icon pack. I want to make use of a few specific icons that I've created.

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a lancher won't change things like the notification panel and other UI elements you can get icon packs for android however i am not sure if EMUI default launcher supports them try and go to settings search for font i know lawncher launcher support's icon packs and can change the font colour on the home screen


what version of Android are you running?


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