I’ve got a problem with my alarm app. Or, to be honest, I’ve got a problem with me - I can’t stop force quitting it when it rings. I just automatically slam the Back button and not only I remove the current noise, I also disable all the following alarms. The question is in the title - how to make it protected from force quitting/unstoppable? It is a big thing for me, as I have a strict schedule and need myself to get up in time.

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    Maybe try a different alarm app. I've never seen behavior of "hitting the back button" and it force closes and no other alarms present. So, not sure what you are using. Also, as you state, this is a personal problem, you may need to try and change your behavior. And lastly, make your own app that can't be killed? I'm guessing that by design apps are kill-able. – user202027 Mar 15 at 18:54

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