Samsung Galaxy S8+ running Android version 8.0.0 (Oreo) and Samsung Experience version 9.0

Phone is stuck in Airplane mode, after reboots, factory resets, and wiping cache.

The very top of the phone shows no bars and X where the signal usually is.

The Notifications menu will sometimes show airplane mode active, and other times not, but clicking there doesn't actually disable airplane mode.

In the Settings -> Connections menu, Airplane mode will vary after a restart, but the one consistent thing is that when trying to turn it off here, the button grays out and Airplane mode still says "on" on the left side.

Has anyone uncovered a fix for this?


  • Have you tried to start the phone in safe mode? Have you tried to flash the latest firmware? – Reddy Lutonadio Mar 19 '19 at 11:51

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