So I have a 125gb SD card in my Samsung J7(2016), and since I have enormous amount of space to put such files (no flex), I tried copying lots of files in my SD card including movies, lots of songs, photos, etc. Now, everytime it reaches specific amount of space consumed, it was ok at first but if I exceed on that, I am not abled to see these files as if they were deleted. I cannot view them on my gallery or in my files.

More of the story, I was using this video downloader app, I went to it's history of what I downloaded there. I tapped the video I downloaded that was lost in both gallery and my files, and tried to locate it. Successfully, it played. The file that I thought was deleted and and lost was working and playing. I have this feeling that some of my files were hidden. Please help me. I've reformatting my SD Card so many times that I forgot to create a back up to some of my important files. Thank you so much.

  • Welcome to Android Enthusiasts! Please update your post with the phone model and Android version of your device What file manager are you using? Do you see the files when connected to a PC? – Reddy Lutonadio Mar 21 at 7:32

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