I have read many answers containing copy-pasting from a [ ] or by doing ALT+255 which just do a spacebar thing. The reason I want it by some other means being viz.

  1. The copy paste characters are taken from Arabic fonts and hence it reverses my text accompanying the blank character.
  2. WhatsApp discards a space.

The reason is now clear, it's related to WhatsApp. Not status, but the Profile Name.

In a group chat if someone who doesn't have my contact name saved, they see my message with my number above +61 92956 21761 ~My Name.

I want to add a hidden character blank space between ~ and My Name.

Also, earlier when Android phones did not support all fonts, those texts were represented with a rectangle with a cross inside. And I guess, some phones later just had a blank space. So that will do.

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