I use a rooted Motorola Moto G3 (2015) Osprey XT1550 running stock 6.0.1 (not custom). It has been 3 years since I've bought this phone but recently while taking 100 - 200 photos at once (college student, notes and stuff) the camera crashes. Closing and reopening does the trick but the last two pictures get deleted.

I used to take these marathon picture sessions before as well but this issue is a recent one.

I was wondering if anybody could give a few pointers as to how to solve the problem or if it's an indication of any bad things to come.

My guess would be it no longer can handle the rigorous usage considering its increasing age.

Thank you for volunteering your valuable time. :)

Edit : Forgot to add that its 2 GB RAM 16 GB internal memory (of which 1.9 GB are left) version. For the rooted part I run two Xposed modules, a flipboard one and another for disabling FLAG_SECURE.

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