I try to delete all the pictures I have on my SD card. I just select all of them and click the trash icon. When I finish, I see an empty folder, as expected. I make a new photo. And then I reboot my mobile phone. When I enter the album I see all the photos I deleted, and the photo I created after the deletion is missing.

Why is this happening?

Edit no 1:

Phone: Sony Xperia XA1

Android 8.0.0

I deleted everything from the Album app

Edit no 2:

I unchecked cloud backup, but still have the same problem. I can erase all photos I have, but after restart they still return in seconds.

Where are they stored? Can I erase them manually?

Edit no 3:

Here's what I tried so far. Provided by someone from the talk.sonymobile.com forum:

settings > apps & notifications > all apps > album > storage > clear data > restart the phone > check again.

Did not work.

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    Would be handy to include a few more technical details. Which phone, version of Android and clarify where you're deleting the photos (are we to assume it is Google Photos or some file manager)
    – Neil
    Mar 24, 2019 at 23:47

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Well, it appears the SD card stopped recording new data. Here's how I get to this point:

  1. I ejected the microSD card from the phone.
  2. Using a MicroSD to USB I inserted it to my computer.
  3. I tried to delete the data, the adapter, inserted it again - noticed nothing has changed.
  4. I tried to format the MicroSD, ejected the adapter, inserted it again - noticed nothing has changed.

I bought a new SD card, copied the backup (applications and stuff) to the new one. Photos work as they should.

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