I manage my contacts on my Google account. There is a feature in Google Contacts where one can "hide" selected contacts. I prefer to keep my digital data organized, and shortening my contacts list will help. However, I'm not sure what the effect of hiding a contact is (other than it not displaying in the contacts list on a contacts app). We're talking about a contact that I'm not likely to communicate with in future, but it would still be better for me to save their details, for example in the unlikely event that they phone me. If a hidden contact phones me (on my Samsung Galaxy S8), will my stock phone app show me who is calling?

Are there any other benefits for hiding a contact? Here is one: I have previously found some distant contacts' WhatsApp status updates annoying (and muting is not enough for me), and I found that hiding them on Google Contacts prevented their status updates from reaching me. (An alternative is to block them on WhatsApp.)


"hiding" means hiding the contacts from the contacts app only , it will tells who's calling. I'm saying that it is only used by the app

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    Why do you mention "it doesn't mean hiding the details"? – ahorn Mar 29 at 13:06
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    My primary question is whether the phone app will tell me who is calling if the contact is hidden in Google Contacts. – ahorn Mar 29 at 13:11
  • it will tells who's calling. I'm saying that it is only used by the app. – Mukund Mar 29 at 13:20
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    Your answer needs to convince others who have the same question. – ahorn Mar 29 at 15:20

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