I am using Chrome for Android. If I have a bookmarklet saved as a bookmark, then I am able to run it by:

  1. Typing its name in the address bar until it shows.
  2. Clicking the upward-leftward pointing diagonal arrow next to it to load it into the address bar.
  3. Clicking enter.

I am not able to run a bookmarklet that I have saved as a bookmark by:

  1. Opening Chrome's vertically-aligned three-dot menu.
  2. Selecting Bookmarks.
  3. Navigating to the bookmarklet's entry.
  4. Clicking the entry.

I don't want to run my bookmarklets using the first method. I want to run them by going to them in the bookmarks menu (like the second method). If I click any other bookmark in the bookmarks menu, Chrome will navigate to the page. I expect to be able to run bookmarklets from the bookmarks menu.

Is it possible to run a bookmarklet on Chrome by selecting it from the bookmark?

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TL;DR Either wait for the Chrome for Android team to fix it or find a browser which supports it.

I found this issue ticket for Chromium (base code of Chrome/Chrome for Android/ChromeOS) which was opened in 2015 for the Android platform:

Issue 480010: Enhanced bookmarks do not support javascript bookmarklets

The gist is that:

This is tricky because on phones BookmarkActivity sends intent to Chrome to launch the bookmarked url, and currently ChromeLauncherActivity rejects javascript urls.


Based on older comments the bookmarklet feature existed in a prior version, but disabled since then.


I have found selecting the bookmark does work on another Android browser - Firefox. Hopefully that helps.

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Chrome Android doesn't let you run Bookmarklets the traditional way, But, there is a workaround, you can call Bookmarklet from the address bar, Below Tutorial might be helpful.


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