I bought a Xiaomi Mi A2 maybe 10 months from now, and from changing software, or some strange things, I broke the USB port.

The strange thing is that only the "OTG" part got broken. I mean, I still can charge the phone, and use the native USB-C to Micro-Jack convertor, but I cannot use USB-C headphones or correct the phone to my PC.

I sent the phone to the warranty service, but since I had unlocked the bootloader, they didn't cover the charges. It was in christmas, so they didn't even wanted to fix anything, the just sent me the phone back.

But as a developer, I really need USB Debugging, and I bought some nice USB-C headphones, and I can't use them, so I wonder if there's anything I can do to relock the bootloader, and maybe send the phone to them for a repair.

Any ideas? I'd be really pleased. Thanks in advance


Only thing i can think of is maybe it was dropped while being charged and the usb jack is slightly bent inside...


  • Start Fastboot on the PC

  • Use wait-for-device or just devices first

  • fastboot wait-for-device or fastboot devices

  • You should see "waiting for device"

A worthy mention..
This will require your fastboot commands to be constructed as a script file. .

  • write each command in a new text file, line by line ( one command per line )

  • Save the text document as a .bat file on Windows or a .sh file on linux

  • Run the script

    • if .bat ( Double Click )
    • if .sh ( use command sh -c /path/script.sh )


    fastboot wait-for-device
    fastboot oem lock

Script will vary slightly with linux ( !#sbin/sh)

Fastboot should wait for a connection and then execute the next command ( oem lock )

To Use All Of This ...

  • Start the script on PC

  • Plug in the USB to PC but not Device ( important )

  • Now the tricky part, Slowly plug in the USB cable to the device, try to apply a slight amount of pressure going in a circle to find the sweet spot ( the part where the terminals are touching - the angle that the usb is bent on.. )

Try to find the spot where there's a connection, and watch the script run...
You are trying to hold the USB connection for just long enough to run OEM Lock, Fastboot will wait for the sweet spot ( only just connecting ) and then run OEM Lock after it gets a connection...

  • P.S you might have turned USB Charge Only - On Mar 28 '19 at 5:32

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