I have a home wifi setup that does not connect to the internet. My phone data plan includes free data when streaming for some items ( stan,spotify,netflix) So I try to mirror the screen (not cast) so I can watch these on my TV. However i am having poor results due to my phone wanting to prioritise wifi and therefore wont connect to the internet using my data connection.

I have turned on developer options and set aggresive handover in network options. So both are running together. Reducing my wifi router output so it gets close to something the phone thinks is a poor connection I can occasionaly get spotify to mirror over while streaming for a couple of songs, but not video. I simply need to tell my phone to use the data connection for internet (while wifi is on) but I dont know how. For all those thinking its obvious, "just hotspot your wifi router to u phone ". However, the free streaming is only for my phone and will be charged if hotspotted or cast. Also I dont want to download to my phone and then mirror it, as it is only streaming that is free data, not downloading. Any ideas??

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