On my phone (Alcatel mt6737m aka Optus X Spirit, android 6.0) I had screen lock set up, and also had "require PIN on startup" (when it asks for pin on every reboot, even before showing unlock screen). And I had google account, which I only set up because it's required for google play. I don't remember username or password for the google account. I still remember the old PIN for the phone.

I did a factory reset via boot menu. Now I got this "verify your account this device was reset" message.

I managed to open settings using one of the exploits I found here, but even if I do factory reset via settings menu, it still asks me to "verify your account". I also tried to set PIN to my old PIN and then disable PIN and do factory reset from settings - no change.

I can start Chrome or almost any other app (if i place shortcut on the lock screen), can modify settings, can start file browser, install apk from sdcard. I can not create a new google account - it shows me the same "verify your account" screen. I can not enble developer options.

Any ideas?

  • phone is not rooted – auss Apr 2 '19 at 3:59
  • from the settings: android security patch level 5 nov 2017 – auss Apr 2 '19 at 4:19

I have written many articles covering FRP Unlocking.. it eventually lead me to write a guide on XDA Forums...

Here.. FRP Lock Removal Methods for All Androids.. ..

I still need to format the post, but main information is up...

One addition i didn't add is a new discovery...

• Build prop contains the path to FRP Partition and removing the build prop line will remove FRP Locks...

So edit system/build.prop and remove the prop ro.frp.pst=/dev/... ---

Or Comment it out with # # ro.frp.pst=....

Please read it all to understand FRP ...

Hope this helps to get an Answer for your specific device.

Here's example. Method 2 - MTK Device's ( Old Method, Use New .)

  • Download FRP Destroyer.zip

  • Extract FRP Destroyer.zip

  • Open Android_Scatter File.

  • Edit FRP isDownload to True

  • Save Android_scatter.txt.

  • Open new Scatter in SP Flash Tool

  • Unselect all partitions.

  • Select only FRP location

  • Choose blank_frp.img from FRP Destroyer folder.

  • DOWNLOAD ONLY The FRP Partition.

  • Reboot device.

• Use SP Flash Tool & Wipe the FRP Partition Manually as per your scatter file information for FRP.p

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