We are continuously developing an Android (Ionic v1) app for a company private usage. We have been publishing it on Google Play setting its availability only to one company. That company gives to their employees devices with Google EMM enabled and so they force the app install on the phones.

We are facing growing problems we need to solve by updating the app on each device at a time. We need to take real control of the update process: we need to launch an update only for 10% of devices, after two hours next 10%, etc. we also need to push some updates only for one or two specifical devices. With Google Play we can't do that.

We tried to escape the google Play circuit, so we added the app the feature to check for new updates on an own server, which can serve the update to specifical devices only, then the app will download the apk and launch the package installer for updating. But we have a problem at this point: it seems we can't install the apks on the devices since the devices are on strict EMM policy - the devices is owned by the company and all apps are controlled.

On our situation, is there any change to achieve the app specific updating feature? Or with devices which have joined EMM there's no way to solve?

Thank you.

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