I have connected my Android to Windows 10 via USB. I have enabled network tethering in Android device, I have enabled developer settings in Android device and there have been all the messages that I have confirmed about debugging, about allowing the connection both on the Android and Windows side. I can access Android disk from my Windows Explorer.

But there is strange thing. My computer appears on the LAN via the usual LAN address (for example) and I can access services by this address from my computer in e.g. Firefox. E.g. I am running React native development services https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/getting-started on 19001 port and I can access the relevant page via from the Firefox running on Windows computer. But I can not access from the Firefox running on Android device! What's the problem? If Android had ping command then, I guess, Andorid could not ping

So - how can I join Android device to the LAN? Or alternatively - how can I pair Windows and Androdi via USB in manner that both of these devices belong to one LAN and that Android could access Windows via LAN IP addresses?

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