I am trying to run an app called Fully Kiosk Browser, to lock down to a single specific web page. This is on an Android TV Box, running Android 7.1.2 However, when my web page does not load in the app.

I contacted the support staff, but the best they could do is suggest updating to Amazon System WebView 73. I have now installed this from the app store, but this has not updated the ASWV already in System app - sat on Version 52. Instead, it has installed an additional version of ASWV (version 73) in my downloaded apps. So now I have 2. (whilst I was at it, I also updated chrome to v73 just incase - and the web page loads in this just fine).

My trouble now is that the fully kiosk is only seeing the original 52 version in the system apps, and not the new additional one. It appears I can not delete it the original, and disabling it has not worked.

I'm confused why the update has not written over the original pre-installed version, and I've ended up with 2 copies and can't choose which one I want to use!

  • Usually on regular Android you can choose the WebView in the developer options. The recommended way is to install the Chrome app and then select it as default WebView provider. – Robert Apr 5 at 17:21

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