I have a Motorola Moto E4 XT1768.

Last year I rooted it and installed TWRP. I haven't been able to install OTA updates since.

More recently I replaced the screen with a 3rd party replacement. It seemed to work okay at first, but now there have been unresponsive areas on the screen. However, in TWRP this issue seems to vanish, making me guess it's somehow a software problem. Also of note, I accidentally destroyed the fingerprint reader in the process.

I tried to do a basic factory recovery. It didn't fix the screen problems and it introduced an issue where many apps crash immediately on startup. Clearing data and cache hasn't helped those apps. Last night I used the RSD Lite Mac Linux script to attempt to flash back to unrooted stock. (Supposedly works the same as RSD Lite on Windows). I used flashfile from XT1768_PERRY_RETAIL_7.1.1_NPQS26.69-64-12_cid50_subsidy-DEFAULT_regulatory-DEFAULT_CFC.xml.zip from lolinet. I got a lot of "bad key" errors but it also seemed to take, only now I'm also getting a black screen that says "bad key" at times, and the startup error screen (lettng it sit for a minute takes it into the OS though.) The screen issue and app crash issues are unchanged.

I'm lost on what to do here, and also don't know if the screen issue being tied to the OS even makes any sense. Is getting it back to basic functionality a lost cause? I realize it's a cheap phone but it was fine for my needs and I don't like buying new phones all the time, for both eco/waste and budget reasons.

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