My work requires me to use an Android mobile phone to surf a web-based image (SVG) viewer.

However, the image viewer requires me to press and hold the Ctrl and drag ny the left mouse key through the viewer to pan the image, and press and hold the Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom the image.

I have no problem on using the zoom function, as it seems like the viewer supports the pinch zoom function as well. But I can't pan to move the image. I have had a quick glance on the source code, it looks like the viewer uses AngularJS to monitor the press of "Ctrl" button event. But I'm not completely sure.

So my question is, whether there is a way to "fake" the browser or the device that I have pressed and held the "Ctrl" as I'm having a keyboard, while I drag (double tap) the mouse?

I am expecting an App, which could enable me to press a button, such as the Vol+ button, then I can double tap (like normal "drag" gesture on Android), to simulate the "Ctrl + Drag" action.

Or it can enable me to drag the image using a spectial gesture, such as triple tap, or drag with three fingers, or whatever to tell the device that I am doing the "Ctrl + Drag" action? Or an App like the Teamviewer for Android that I can press a button the hold the Ctrl, until I click the button again to release the Ctrl. Like the row of six buttons on the top of this image: Teamviewer for Android to handle Ctrl buttons

I have tried other browsers, like Firefox Lite and Edge for Android, still no luck. But a new browser to me is also OK. I have also tried to use App like Hacker's Keyboard (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.pocketworkstation.pckeyboard&hl=en). But it seems like the keyboard only activates while I'm typing things in a blank space, but not any time I want to (like I'm dragging).

The above method is just my own imagination. But any other method which could simply do the "Ctrl + Drag" action is absolutely welcomed. Thank you very much!

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