About 2 weeks ago I've started to experience SSL errors on my Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F), in various applications (Google Play services, Netflix, Uber and also when browsing to certain HTTPS domains)

The most troubling one is the google play services, as many applications rely on it (for e.g google cloud messaging). I took a few samples from my device's logcat and saw that com.google.gms experiences many SSL certificate errors.

In example, when browsing https://cnn.com, Chrome gives the following error message: NET:ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID. The leaf certificate presented has the SHA-256 FP of FB DE F6 .... It is the same one presented on another phone of mine, also the same one presented when browsing through my PC. The root certificate that Android uses for this leaf certificate is GlobalSign Root CA with the FP EB D4 10 40 ... and on functioning device, Chrome shows it in its "Certificate viewer". However, on the malfunctioning device, it is not shown (I see only the leaf certificate and an intermediate certificate).

But if I look in Android's settings on the malfunctioning device, "View security certificate", that root certificate is found and is enabled.

Now, I've tried all the common approaches of fixing this type of issues: fixing Date & time, deleting cache and app data of the troubled applications (e.g Chrome), stopping the integrated Device care. The last thing to try is a factory reset, which I'm trying to avoid.

I'd be happy to get additional suggestions on how to further debug this / gather more information. And ultimately, solve it :)

  • The leaf and the intermediate certificate are sent by the server. It looks like Android for whatever reason fails to read it's own trust store (even though it is visible in the settings). – Robert Apr 6 '19 at 16:17

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