a friend of mine forgot her Unlock Pattern of her Galaxy A5 (2015). Apperantly the latest stock android version that runs on it is Marshmallow. My idea was to simply put it in recovery to just wipe the phone (or install twrp to remove the pattern without erasing), however I can neither use adb since USB Debugging was never enabled and I cant access the phone nor use the home button to get to recovery / fastboot mode.

What are my options?

My ideas so far:

  • try recovery via adb → ofc "no devices found" but I tried
  • try recovery via hardware keys → home button truly doesn't work so
  • try Google Find my Phone to unlock (?) (is that still available?) → I sent her a message asking if she remembers her google account and password (no reply yet tho)
  • open the phone and fix the home button → I really want to avoid that since the screen is apperantly glued on to the internal frame

Does anyone have another idea? Is there any way to restart into recovery or download mode I haven't thought of?

Thanks for your help!

  • Usually after several wrong lock pattern tries the device should switch to an unlock mode where you have to enter the Google password. – Robert Apr 7 at 12:53

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