So in my Redmi Note 7 Pro, the screenshots and screen recordings all go in a subfolder inside DCIM folder. Photos (app by Google) simply uploads everything in the DCIM folder. I have tried this, but it did not work (hence asking a new question).

- Settings
- Backup & Restore
- Select Account
- Unselect Sync Photos

Now in each app...

  • Open Photos ( The app by Google )

  • Go into settings

  • locate sync or Save Storage features

  • Disable sync

Look around for any other apps using synchronization and disable it...

I think Google Drive does this for Photos as well as other apps.


There seems to be no clear solution to this.

I have had to manually move the sub folders within DCIM to outside the DCIM folder using a file explorer so that I can later individually choose which folders should get backed up in Google Photos.

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