For a few weeks now, Play Store struggles to update 2 of my apps. It tries to download the update but overshoots (see image). It does this a few times until it puts them back on the pending list.

Apps failing to update

Additional information : My Phone runs on Android 7.1.1. All other apps can still be updated without a problem. I already tried rebooting and clearing the cache of Play Store and the respective apps.

Is there still a possibility to update the apps without deleting them? What is causing this behavior of "overshooting"?

  • Does your device has enough space in the internal storage? How much space does it has? – Puspam Apr 8 at 4:41
  • the internal storage usage is currently 20.73/32.00 GB – Doochi Apr 8 at 6:06
  • Have you updated the Play Store app? – Puspam Apr 8 at 6:11
  • I just checked. The version is 14.2.58-all [0] [PR] 239277684. And it claims that this is the up to date version. – Doochi Apr 8 at 6:19
  • Click on the cross (×) button. It will stop the downloading. Then again click on the Update button. – Puspam Apr 8 at 6:30

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