I have a Lenovo A6020a46 3 GB phone android version 5.1.1. It has the feature that allows me to set an alarm and shut down the phone and it will power itself on at the set time of alarm. But recently, the feature seems to not working, the phone is powered on but on booting I find the alarm is disabled.
I thought this is because the phone has become slow over time (using it for 2 years now) and that is why the phone boot cannot complete in time for the alarm to work. So, I rooted the phone and edited the build file with the following command for a quick boot


But nothing has changed with the alarm. Is there a way I could set it to power on may be 2-3 mins before the set time so it has enough time to boot (my redmi device boots up around 2-3 mins before the set time) ? Or if anything else is the issue?

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