I've found the source of roughly 10x phantom vibrations (e.g. vibrations without notification or clear cause) daily.

startTime: 9 Apr 2019, 15:20:33, effect: Waveform{mTimings=[0, 100, 150, 100], mAmplitudes=[0, 255, 0, 255], mRepeat=-1}, originalEffect: Waveform{mTimings=[0, 100, 150, 100], mAmplitudes=[0, -1, 0, -1], mRepeat=-1}, usageHint: 5, uid: 10016, opPkg: com.android.providers.downloads, type: null

All originate from the package


I am trying to determine what the root cause for this issue is.

Device Details: Huawei P30 Pro (VOG-L29) running

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    Do you have a pending download or a downloaded item you have not opened? – Firelord Apr 9 at 16:13

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