On a Galaxy tablet, underneath "Messages 3 x 2", or "Email 3 x 2", some fake messages are appearing.

John Doe
Tomorrow's event

Marissa Haro

Re: Re: How's it going in Seoul?
Sweetheart. I miss you so much. Having a ...

Zuno Du
Here is our plan :)


Peter Leiagh
OMG! I didn't know it! Why didn't you tell me?

Sam Martin
I will never gonna tell you :-p

John Smith
You're BACK!!!

Marissa Haro
Hello. Here is the [illegible]

Eva green
This is the last remind message

Based on these messages featuring John Smith, John Doe (I assume this was intentional, though it could be intended as someone with a surname of Doe choosing an English name of "John"), and Eva Green, I suspect that they were intentionally fake names.

Clicking on the preview item opened it up, and it was empty.

I wiped emails from the GMail application, and wiped the tablet clean, prior to seeing these fake messages.

The tablet isn't intended to send or receive text messages, though it received a few in the past prior to me wiping it.

How can I stop these fake messages appearing?

  • Alternative question title: "How can I stop Raye from saying that she misses me in Seoul?" – Andrew Grimm Apr 10 at 12:45
  • Have you noticed the number or the email address from which those messages came? – Puspam Adak Apr 10 at 14:06
  • If possible, just disable the app. – Reddy Lutonadio Apr 10 at 16:20

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