Generally, WhatsApp data and media are found in the WhatsApp folder created in the file manager.

When we enable Clone Apps for WhatsApp in Realme 2 Pro (Color OS 5.2), where are cloned WhatsApp data and media stored and where can I find cloned WhatsApp data and media in file manager?

  • Cloned apps work under a different user account. /sdcard is actually /data/media/0 where 0 is the UserID of default user accout i.e. the owner of the device. So the data of cloned WhatsApp must be at /data/media/[UserID]/WhatsApp but you can't access that path without root access. You should clone a file manager to access the files of cloned WhatsApp. Both apps would be working under same user account then. – Irfan Latif Apr 25 '19 at 9:00

Open File Manager → Choose Phone Storage → defaults folders will be visible, select Search icon/text area and type 999 and click enter, you will be redirected to 999 folder with following pre-defined folders:

  1. Android
  2. DCIM
  3. WhatsApp

Click on WhatsApp → Media, and find your relevant files like images, profile photos, videos, animated gifs, documents, etc.

  1. Install Explorez app
  2. Go to Setting and allow hidden files
  3. Go to internal storage
  4. There is a small letter written "storage/emulated/0/", click on this and replace 999 to 0
  5. Tap OK

First, install any other file manager such as Xiaomi's file manager and then search 999, you will find the data and media of cloned WhatsApp.


Eureka! Found a way and it can work wirelessly. Follow my tutorial, Just discovered it and currently backing up my WhatsApp folder.

So, First → Get the Filezilla client version.

and MiXplorer Silver - File Manager . Paid Version. But you know what to do with the paid version 😉, Won’t link the links. But go for it,

and obviously know the file path of the DUAL APPS folder in my case it’s /storage/emulated/999/WhatsApp/……….

Now, open Mixplorer and then to the right top corner click on the options and then click on Servers.

Next, click the edit button and set the path to the location of your Dual app /storage/emulated/999.

Now, click start server.

Next, Create Hotspot → Connect your Laptop/Desktop (using a dongle or inbuilt Wi-Fi) to the network then, Open Filezilla → You’ll need the location of your FTP server. As in our case, the server we created using MiXplorer,

Note## You’ll find the FTP address in the Notification menu of your phone by MiXplorer, Now in Filezilla Hostname will be the IP address mine was 192.168.XX.X

and port (If you’ve created your port in MiXplorer) else leave it blank and Boom Now, you’re provided with the Storage screen and Just copy whatever you want from There.

And obviously, it’s efficient for any kind of file transfer using FTP i.e. Wirelessly.

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