I have a picture linked to my friends number, saved in my phones contacts. This picture originally defaulted onto his Whatsapp account (which are linked), because he doesn't have a Whatsapp photo set.

One day this suddenly vanished and I can't seem to figure out how to put it back.

I found a previous thread (Android Enthusiasts: How to change someone's profile picture in WhatsApp?) but I get an error when following the solution.

In summary, it says to rename the photo to the person's phone number and then save this picture file in the following location: /sdcard/WhatsApp/Profile Pictures, overriding the existing file.

Firstly I don't have that location on my phone. Instead I have the following location: InternalStorage/Media/WhatsApp Profile Photos.

Secondly there are no files in this folder.

Thirdly, when I do put this new file into that location, nothing happens.

Any help would be much appreciated! :)

  • I will try to help you with my low knowledge, but first I need to identify some things. 1. What version of Android you have? 2. What version of WhatsApp? Regarding your efforts: 1. I have the same path with you, not as the other guy's one 2. If there are no files, it means you haven't saved any of Profile Pictures from your Contacts. So, you must save them to your own storage first. – farisfath25 Apr 13 at 7:08
  • sorry i forgot to add this. 3. imho, that's because WhatsApp haven't able to identify any of the file you put since previously no picture been saved before – farisfath25 Apr 13 at 7:34

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