If you happen to have a rooted phone I would think if device is equipped
The obvious choice to store recoveries and zip files so that they are readily available would be Sd card... So I was in a bit of a rush and instead of shutting my phone down and taking the battery out like usual I pushed the SD card over and ever so slightly down. Well it caught the contacts on the Sd card slot and bent a few...trying to fix them only finished destroying the sd/sim tray. I can get one. No problem It was no easy task install a rom or magisk or anything else Thank the people at Twrp. Adb sideload was a lifesaver. Q: with no sd card and very limited internal storage where can I safely store backups and anything really that will survive an emergency wipe? I would think if I dont wipe the internal drive it would be safe...but not! Tried it, started over.

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