I have a Sony XA1 running Android 8 and it doesn't matter which phone call recorder I install, it only records one side of the conversation either me or the caller. All the apps do the same on my HTC Desire too

I'm not sure if it is the app at fault as they all seem to do the samething and this didn't start happening until I updated the android version towards the end of last year.

Does anyone know of a solution to this issue?



in Android, during a call, There is no way to access audio data of call directly. So what most of the app do is they record the audio from your Speaker. Let me be clear

  1. When you speak app directly record your audio with mic, as you are speaking at the higher sound it will be clear enough to be recorded the microphone which is near your mouth.

  2. As the App can't access audio calls data so App record audio from your speaker (from where you are listening) and the microphone and speaker has almost distance of 8cm, so if your speaker's volume is high then only app will be able to record audio of the other side's person. Otherwise only your voice will be recorded.

few apps on the playStore provide better phone call recordings but they ask for Root access, if you are really interested in rooting your phone you can follow this article to have some idea "How to root an Android" Thanks

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  • this sounds like a design flaw in the Android OS. Does iOS have this issue? – Michael Dec 17 '19 at 3:11

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