I just had some luck unlocking the bootloader on my Nokia 8.1. But it looks like I've accomplished nothing still. Previously when I attempted to flash a partition via fastboot or boot a boot image, I used to see:

flashing is not allowed in locked state

Now that I've successfully unlocked the bootloader (I can confirm via deviceinfo command and also via the 5 second warning before boot), I am encountering another roadblock:

flashing is not rooted for fused device

It appears to be some sort of additional check. The device does show on screen (fastboot mode) that fuse = enable. Looks like this is some additional check for devices which have been unlocked to prevent unauthorised use. I do not have any idea how to disable it. It probably comes from the Kernel level or probably somewhere else. Can somebody guide me to a direction which I should take next? There should be some way to disable fuse.

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