There are many questions like this, but mine is slightly different from those.

I am facing these weird problems with my phone, which are beyond my calculations:

  • My phone's battery charge drops very quickly when the mobile data connection is on.
    Suppose, I am using my phone normally, the discharge rate is about 0.5% per minute. But, if I keep the mobile data connection on, then the discharge rate becomes about 5% per minute!!!.
  • Suppose, I am using my phone while I can see that the charge is 30%. Suddenly, I am notified of 0% battery and the Android OS shuts down. When I plug in the charger, it boots up and again shows 30% charge!!! See this screenshot: enter image description here
  • Suppose, I pull out the battery when the charge is 50%, after reinserting the battery, the charge either becomes 70% or as low as 20%, which are completely different from the previous observations.

All these happens when the mobile data remains on. I know that internet connection requires more energy, but according to me, it shouldn't be so much, isn't it?

I have two screenshots regarding this issue, where there are sudden sharp drops in the battery monitor graphs:

I had already factory resetted my phone and uninstalled every suspected battery draining programs, but it didn't solved the issue. Why does this happens and how to solve this issue? Please help me.

Note : My phone's model is Micromax Bharat 3 Q437 with pre-installed stock Android 7.0.

  • Please mention your device name and model – Rahul Gopi Apr 14 at 8:22
  • Please see my edits. – Puspam Adak Apr 14 at 9:17
  • 1
    If the device goes off at 30% there are two possibilities: Android initiates the shutdown or the voltage suddenly breaks in so that the CPU stops working and Android crashes. In the latter case the reason is a bad battery. If changing the battery for your device is possible with a reasonable effort you should replace the battery. – Robert Apr 14 at 11:20
  • Can a 2000 mAh mobile battery get degraded within 1½ years? – Puspam Adak Apr 14 at 13:30
  • Currently, I noticed that my phone's battery is holding just about 60% of charge. When I put the phone to charge, the charge raises from 40% to 80% within just a few minutes. And, while using the phone, it switches off at 40% charge. Sometimes, the charge drops from 60% to 20% very quickly. All these indicates that the battery is holding just about 60% charge. How to get rid of this? – Puspam Adak Apr 15 at 16:34

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