Usually on Android, there is a button to show what apps are running the background - this isn't a list of system processes (nor system apps), but user started applications (games). After we press the button to see the list of apps, there is often a button which closes all open apps. This should be familiar to everyone who uses Android!

The problem I have is, my daughter's Hawaei MediaPad running Android Version 8.0.0 doesn't persist the close. When we press the square button, we can see all running apps. If we close each individually or one at a time, return to the home page and then press the square button again, all the apps remain.

I tried with an app called Advanced Task Killer from the Play Store. By clicking boost (which means close apps), a progress bar was displayed showing it was killing each task, but again as soon as I open the list of running apps, instead of seeing an empty list which is what I expected, I see the same list of applications.

The only thing that kills the list is a restart of the machine.

Is there anything we're doing wrong?


I've played with this tablet a little more. Some times when I choose to kill all, they all disappear. If I return to the list, it remains empty (great). if I start another app and return to the list, instead of having only that recent app, it is listing all of them!

When I kill the apps, it sometimes shows a message showing how much memory I've freed up.

I also should point out, this machine is my daughters and as such has Family Link. I'm not sure if that has made any impact.

  • You do not confuse the list of last recently used apps with "currently running", do you? – Izzy Apr 14 at 19:30
  • That is a great question @Izzy, how would I know? I'm suspecting currently running because when I click on any, it returns me the application or game. If it was recently used, I would suspect it to have to load the game/intro from the start and we'd see the applications splash screen etc – MyDaftQuestions Apr 15 at 9:22
  • To give you a clue: How do you get to that list? Via a bunch of menues (like Settings › Apps and select "Running") – or by the simple tap on a button below your screen? The latter is "recently used" (and from your description this seems what you are referring to: a button next to the home button?), the former is "running". And Task-Killers are not for freeing space – but just to stop malfunctioning apps that cannot be stopped otherwise. – Izzy Apr 15 at 18:47
  • Ah... It may well be recently used! I wonder why then, after I click it, it tells me how much memory it has freed up :S @Izzy – MyDaftQuestions Apr 18 at 10:43

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